• Viirin

    One Piece Assumptions

    June 4, 2010 by Viirin

    I have a few of them, so I'll just list them. WARNING MIGHT BE SPOILERS!!!

    1. Marriage Lola's mom is one of the three remaining Yonkou (now that Whitebeard's dead)

    2. To gain Yonkou status, he has to have islands under his protection. He'll name Skypiea, Drum, Arabasta, Commi, Fishman, and Elbaf, among others.

    3. The tenth Straw Hat will be Perona. Reasons: A third girl on the team, we know Perona's dream and just being around Sanji would get her close to it (since he's devoted idiotically to any attractive female and Perona's super adorable), Perona wasn't originally a Peace Main but only joined Gecko Moria because she thought it would be fun. Joining Luffy would be more fun, and she'd get a servant like she wants (as I said, Sanji).

    4. Boa H…

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