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I'm making this in response to the most recent chapter and the hornet's nest it kicked. Even before the chapter came out, there were people making blogs about it from the spoilers. Now the entire wiki is going crazy about it. Blogs are being made left and right by people who rarely even edit, Sabo's talk page has a debate with at least 50 posts that only started yesterday and at one point was hard to edit due to all the edit conflicts and Sabo's page has had more edits in the past two days than it had in the past year.

My question is this: why has Sabo always been such a big deal? Even before chapter 731 (a chapter that will live in infamy) Sabo's mortality has been the biggest conflict within the One Piece fandom. There are debates on this wiki in forums, blogs and on the talk page itself about Sabo and plenty of youtube videos about him. Why is this? We have had characters with ambiguous fates before without this kind of conflict. Bon Kurei's fate was ambiguous until the cover story revealed that he survived. He was in the series a lot more than Sabo and was probably more popular, and yet he never generated this much controversy. There were no "Bon Kurei is alive" blogs and when he was revealed no one made any "I told you so haha" blogs. So I repeat: what made Sabo's mortality such a big deal?