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Since pretty much every other blog is about a good anime/manga (One Piece) I think we should also remember how much crap is out there. This is essentially a contest to see who can name the worst anime/manga and say why it's terrible. It doesn't have to be something you've watched, it could just be a show you've read about or seen reviews of; the only criteria are it has to be an anime or manga, it can't be a hentai since that would be too easy and it has to be terrible. My two picks (because I can't decide which is worse) are Garzey's Wing and Master of Martial Hearts, two terrible OVAs that I doubt any of you have ever heard of. I haven't seen either of them myself, but I've seen reviews and clips that provide ample evidence as to how bad they are. Garzey's Wing is poorly animated, barely makes any sense and has a dub that makes 4kids sound good. Ironically, it was made by the creator of Gundam. Master of Martial Hearts is also poorly animated and so trashy it makes shows like Highschool of the Dead and Ikki Tosen look like high art. It also has the biggest asspull of an ending I've ever heard. Both of these have plenty of clips and reviews on youtube if anyone wants to see what I mean by bad. Any idea's about what could be worse than these two?