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The Reverie After Dressrosa

Videogamep January 16, 2015 User blog:Videogamep

With Dressrosa wrapping up soon, there are likely to be many consequences for the Strawhats, considering they'll have taken out as big a player as Doflamingo. Something I've noticed, however, is nobody's mentioned the Reverie that's about to happen. Hody mentioned that a Reverie is going to happen soon, and, knowing Oda, that means it'll likely come into play. Since it's a meeting of monarchs, the Strawhats deposing Doflamingo and probably reinstating the Riku family would have an enormous impact on it. With that in mind, it's possible that the Strawhats might end up crashing it for one reason or another since they're still relatively close to the Red Line and Mariejois, meaning it would be pretty easy for them to get there if they had an Eternal Pose. It might also give them a chance to see Vivi again, since I seem to remember one of the cover stories mentioning that she would be attending. What do you think?

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