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This blog is about a completely original topic that I'm sure no one has ever talked about before: the next Straw Hat. All joking aside, I'm not going to explain my picks for the tenth member (although I have several). Instead I'm going to explain reasons why that is such a hot topic that we had to make a blog rule about it.

1. The crew is becoming a sausage fest - I'm sure I'm not the only person who noticed that there is almost a four to one ratio of men to women on the crew. There are always going to be more male characters than female since One Piece is Shonen but having so few female characters for so long is unusual for One Piece.

2. The amount of time since the last member joined - It has been close to 300 chapters since Brook joined-the longest amount of time between new Straw Hats joining in the history of One Piece. The second longest time was between Robin joining after Alabasta and Franky joining after Enies Lobby and that was only 200 chapters. The Straw Hats are definitely overdue for a new member.

3. Variety among powers - The crew never had a Logia in the past because Haki hadn't been introduced and Logia powers would have made the new member stronger than Luffy, which is definitely not allowed. Now that Haki has been introduced and everyone and their brother can use it, Logia intangibility is next to useless (as proven by Caribou) meaning one can join the crew without upsetting the balance between them.

These are my reasons for wanting a new member. Do they match up with what you guys think or are their other reasons for or against having a new Straw Hat?