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Anyone who reads Naruto knows that it will probably end within a year. No matter what you think of it, it has been pretty important in the anime/manga world. Bleach also looks like it will end in a few years (although it's harder to tell). This would leave a fairly large void even though One Piece will probably continue until the end of the world. What I've been wondering about is what will replace these in the long running Shonen world, since Shonen has always been the most popular genre (see the above three+DBZ, Inuyasha and Attack on Titan). Until recently, I thought it would be Fairy Tail and Toriko, but according to oricon Fairy Tail has dropped considerably in popularity and Toriko doesn't even make the list since it's anime got canceled. Attack on Titan is a possibility because it's gotten so popular but I'm not sure if it will be long enough to qualify as a long running Shonen (for me that's over 100 episodes). Discounting that, the two possibilities I've come up with are Magi, since the manga keeps selling enough for another season of the anime and could last for a long time, and Sword Art Online, since it's really popular, has a second season coming up and is based on a novel series that is ongoing and could last a long time. Do you guys agree with my choices or are there other possibilities?