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I'm making this blog to ask about the impact One Piece will have in the future, regardless of it's current or previous popularity. I want to know if it will be remembered and respected as much as classic anime/manga like Dragonball or Inuyasha which, regardless of how good they were, definitely had huge impacts on the Shonen genre. They both established several features commonly found in Shonen (including One Piece) such as large, epic fights and characters running into stronger enemies and having to get stronger in order to defeat them. Another anime that had a huge impact was Cowboy Bebop, which ended over a decade ago and is still popular and very well known. I'm curious about whether One Piece will be remembered like these classics, or fade into obscurity 10-20 years after it ends. Just to be clear, I am not asking how good One Piece or any of the above series are since I've never seen Dragonball and only seen about 5 episodes of Inuyasha and I've still heard a lot about them, even though they both ended way before I was old enough to watch them.