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The way the last chapter ended left a pretty big question: what now? 5640 people just asked to ally with Luffy, something we haven't seen since Whitebeard brought all his allies to Marineford. This has me wondering where exactly Oda is going with this. It's pretty clear he's setting up for something big, but unless that happens immediately (unlikely since a major arc just now ended) he's going to need to do something with all the new characters from Dressrosa. I've thought of three possibilities here that largely depend on Luffy's answer.

  1. Luffy says no and they all leave. This is pretty unlikely since that would make this chapter and all the time spent on them in Dressrosa pretty pointless, and Oda generally doesn't waste characters that have gotten this much attention.
  2. Luffy accepts and they travel with him for the rest of the series. This is also unlikely since it would take away too much focus from the Straw Hats (once they're all back together) and wouldn't fit with Oda's style. One Piece has always had a relatively small core cast compared to other shonen, which lets it keep focus without the story getting too bogged down in secondary characters cough Naruto and Bleach cough. Also, most of the new allies (aside from Bartolomeo and Cavendish) aren't distinct enough characters to be more than secondary characters, and Oda's always made sure his main characters were very distinct before they joined the crew properly.
  3. Luffy travels with them to meet up with Sanji's group but then has them go do something else/go on their own adventures until he really needs their help. This one seems the most likely since Luffy and Co. need a ride either way until they can meet up with Team Swirly Brow and the Sunny, but wouldn't have the new allies distract too much from the story until their really needed.

So these are my three theories about what's going to happen. Chances are it'll either be option 3 or something nobody thought of because Oda is Oda. What do you think?

What's going to happen with Luffy's new allies?

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