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I've noticed a lot of people complaining about the anime lately, mostly in regards to two aspects: the mediocre animation and the slower pacing. I've heard some people suggest that it should be seasonal like other anime to resolve these issues, so I decided to make this blog to show the pros and cons of being seasonal. So without further rambling, here's the list:


  • More time to work on the production would mean better animation. We all know that Toei isn't bad at animating (look at Film Z) but the animation for One Piece rarely rises above mediocre. This is mostly because the animators are constantly rushed with deadlines and never get a break, something that would be fixed with seasonal breaks. It still wouldn't fix the budget, though. That has to be low since it needs to be spread across hundreds of episodes instead of just 25 like most anime.
  • Less need for fillers. With seasonal breaks, it wouldn't need fillers or this 1 chapter per episode pacing we've been getting since there wouldn't be much risk of catching up to the manga.


  • We'd have to wait. Seasonal breaks can take a while which would mean anime watchers would have to wait at least 3 months between seasons, which would A. be annoying and B. mean some people could lose interest.
  • Less money. This is more a con for Toei/the production committee since it wouldn't affect us that much. Those 3+ month breaks would be periods where they aren't making more episodes, which means less money for them and basically guarantees that this will never happen. The anime is a huge hit in Japan, even with some of the issues it's had, so I doubt anything will change.
Should the anime go seasonal?

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Will the anime ever go seasonal?

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