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Something I've noticed about One Piece is that Oda always seems to keep the Straw Hat's powers more or less proportionate. Every time he powers one up, he usually powers up the rest. Since Gear Fourth was just revealed, I'm wondering if that means the rest of the Straw Hats will reveal new forms/powers soon. Back in Enies Lobby, they all revealed new forms or weapons right after Luffy gained Gear Second and Gear Third (Asura, Diable Jambe, Monster Point etc.). Since none of the others have gone all out yet (except maybe Usopp), that means we'll likely see some new powers when they do. I'm personally hoping that's soon since it's been so long since the timeskip. We know they've all gotten way stronger but not how much.

So here's my question: will the other Straw Hats reveal new abilities or forms once they actually get a chance to fight?

And because reasons, here's a poll.

Will the other Straw Hats reveal new abilities when they finally go all out?

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