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Buki Buki what?

Videogamep November 17, 2013 User blog:Videogamep

I know this isn't my first blog complaining about Toei's changes to the anime but this is bad even for them. Since the Punk Hazard arc started they've developed a bad habit of leaving out Devil Fruit names. I don't know if they think it makes the series better or if they are too lazy to add one line of text to the introduction but it is annoying and confuses people who don't read the manga. So far they've left out the Sara Sara no Mi Model: Axolotl, the Buki Buki no Mi and the Guru Guru no Mi. They all leave ambiguity about their user's power and ignoring the Sara Sara no Mi confuses the big reveal about how new Devil Fruits form.

This isn't even my only issue with the anime; the animation quality has been dropping since the timeskip, they actually made Hody seem strong and they've been adding content that slows down the pacing. If they put all their effort into the anime itself instead of TV specials that just recap old arcs, they could probably make it as good as it was during Enies Lobby instead of having it clearly inferior to the manga.

How annoyed are you at the anime's problems?

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