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Adventure of Nebulandia Thoughts

Videogamep December 24, 2015 User blog:Videogamep

Okay, actual blog's up now. For some reason it published the entire blog when I hit enter to confirm the title.

I just finished watching Adventure of Nebulandia and I was actually surprised by it. Based on all the commercials they released, I thought it would be a relatively light hearted comedy episode like the Davy Back Fight since it had Foxy as a main character. I was surprised that it got so dark (by One Piece standards) near the middle and by how hateable Komei was. The main problem I had was that the writers made a few mistakes about how Haki and Devil Fruits work since Komei making his fan bigger with Haki shouldn't be possible and just having a bit of water around his ankles shouldn't have weakened Luffy at all. It also seemed like the Straw Hats were fighting at pre-timeskip levels and weren't as strong as they should have been. How did you guys like it?

Edit: Also, CGI marines are CGI.

How was Adventure of Nebulandia?

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