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  • Videogamep

    Yes, you read that right. According to ANN Oda sold the rights to a live action One Piece movie to a Chinese company. They already cast Luffy and Purin (because waifu) and it sounds like they did the casting based on popularity more than anything else. I'm not usually one to bash a movie before it even has a trailer, but this just can't end well.

    Edit: According to Toei and Shueisha it's fake. We're safe.

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  • Videogamep

    I was just looking at Wanda's page and I realized that she's perfect for the next Straw Hat! Think about it, she's a female character that has a unique fighting style and is a new race we haven't seen before. That's exactly what we've been waiting for since the timeskip. I mean sure, we don't know anything about her personality or history, but details. We all know Oda will add those eventually. She has to be the next one, no questions about it. I'm sure Shirahoshi, Vivi, Viola, Rebecca and Monet were all just flukes. After all, we can't be wrong this many times, right? Right? RIGHT?!

    PS: In case anyone didn't pick up on it, this was my lame attempt at satire.

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  • Videogamep

    Okay, actual blog's up now. For some reason it published the entire blog when I hit enter to confirm the title.

    I just finished watching Adventure of Nebulandia and I was actually surprised by it. Based on all the commercials they released, I thought it would be a relatively light hearted comedy episode like the Davy Back Fight since it had Foxy as a main character. I was surprised that it got so dark (by One Piece standards) near the middle and by how hateable Komei was. The main problem I had was that the writers made a few mistakes about how Haki and Devil Fruits work since Komei making his fan bigger with Haki shouldn't be possible and just having a bit of water around his ankles shouldn't have weakened Luffy at all. It also seemed like…

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  • Videogamep

    I've noticed a lot of people complaining about the anime lately, mostly in regards to two aspects: the mediocre animation and the slower pacing. I've heard some people suggest that it should be seasonal like other anime to resolve these issues, so I decided to make this blog to show the pros and cons of being seasonal. So without further rambling, here's the list:


    • More time to work on the production would mean better animation. We all know that Toei isn't bad at animating (look at Film Z) but the animation for One Piece rarely rises above mediocre. This is mostly because the animators are constantly rushed with deadlines and never get a break, something that would be fixed with seasonal breaks. It still wouldn't fix the budget, though. …

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  • Videogamep

    The Future

    September 4, 2015 by Videogamep

    The way the last chapter ended left a pretty big question: what now? 5640 people just asked to ally with Luffy, something we haven't seen since Whitebeard brought all his allies to Marineford. This has me wondering where exactly Oda is going with this. It's pretty clear he's setting up for something big, but unless that happens immediately (unlikely since a major arc just now ended) he's going to need to do something with all the new characters from Dressrosa. I've thought of three possibilities here that largely depend on Luffy's answer.

    1. Luffy says no and they all leave. This is pretty unlikely since that would make this chapter and all the time spent on them in Dressrosa pretty pointless, and Oda generally doesn't waste characters that ha…
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