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o/ everybody!

Someone said blogs are dead so I decided to prove him wrong! This is a blog to provoke your imagination and strategic thought.

Imagine for a moment that you are here in Blackbeard's shoes.

You are a major character, a yonko, and you wish to rise in power, with an ultimate goal to beat the crap out of your rivals and become pirate king. You also have an amazing and unique ability: you can steal devil fruits!

Question one: Which of the known devil fruits would you steal, to which crew member would you give it to and why? Now, you have to take into consideration the risk this involves. For example, you say you want the Magu Magu no Mi but you can't simply walk in and claim it from da man the Fleet Admiral himself now, can you? So, what would be the golden ratio here? This is where the strategy part comes in.

Question two: You have a certain crew. You know their abilities, their weaknesses and their level of power (please don't delete my blog because of this >.>). You are also a yonko so you have enough connections to be able to locate a certain devil fruit, if you set your eyes on it. Which devil fruit would you choose for each of the crew members? This question differs because you can add devil fruits that sprout out of your own imagination, according to your view of each of Blackbeard's nakama.

The best combinations (decided by me) will compete each other in a poll and the winner will get a special prize! HURRAYYYYYYYYY