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So what's up? Was that chapter too boring for the usual reviewers or are you guys preoccupied? Well, I'm gonna make a poor attempt to review it just to discuss the news with you.

Luffy has small to no involvement in this chapter but we learned (or guessed) some of the abilities of the other contestants.

  • Ideo: the boxer with the explosive punches.This dude is wierd.Some say he might be a psyborg but i personaly believe that he is a long-arm tribe member and he uses this particular stance with his upper arms in order to boost his punches.Either way he seems strong but i believe he will be easily defeated.
  • The funk brothers: All went well until the panel where they defeat Boo.Just what happened there? It seems like they somehow merged since we clearly see the face of the smaller one in the huge one's body.Any ideas on that?
  • Jean Ango: He is very interesting as a fighter.Sublte and quick, taking advantage of the battleground.
  • Chinjao has haoushoku haki. Quite impresive although to be honest i want this ability to remain rare, still we've seen two new users in this arc. This guy also seems to be able to use fists apart from headbutts which was kinda disappointing, i liked his previous style.His grandsons seem quite powerful plus haki users but Boo got beaten pretty easily.

On a sidenote it seems like Oda found a new way too point the use of haki by drawing circles around the attacking force.

So, did you like this chapter? and also, apart from Chinjao, who else do you think Luffy will take out before the end?

My score is 7,548/10.