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We all know that the mera mera no mi is a very powerful fruit and i guess every pirate would want it to make his crew stronger.Since Doflamingo is an underworld broker and generally a very important figure i'm sure that the news about the contest for the fruit has reached the far ends of the new world and the ears of every powerful figure that would be interested in it.Saying this and having read the latest prediction blogs by fellow users an idea poped in my head.

What if the Yonkou Kaido set his eyes on the fruit and desided to send undercover agents to claim it? Yes! I'm talking about contestants fighting lion and fighting bull!! Those two could be artificial zoan users members of Kaido's crew sent there to get the fruit for their master.

I don't know if this idea seems far-fetched but it would be a pretty amazing plot twist if it were true since almost every reader would assume that those two contestants were side characters.

What do you guys think??