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Yo all!

So after the great Whitebeard war and the timeskip  we saw that Coby was promoted to Captain.However, this seems odd to me since Sakazuki (now the fleet admiral) should have stoped this promotion.We all remember that Coby's intervention at the end of the war deprived the marines from their momentum and delayed Akainu himself providing time for Shanks to interfere and for Luffy to escape.So, what would be the reasons for Akainu to allow Coby's promotion or even to allow him to remain in the marine forces, or even to allow him to keep his own life for that matter.Here are some thoughts:

-After the timeskip Sakazuki has drifted away from absolute justice and decided to give Coby another chance.

-Having a clearer head after the battle he saw that the kid was right and decided to praise him for his action.

-Although he can't forgive him, he aknowledged his potential and can't afford to lose such a good soldier.

-He never bothered to look him up, so his promotion went under the radar.

-The marine ranking process is very complex and even the fleet admiral himself can't interfere so easily.

Which one seems right to you? no one? You decide!

P.S. First blog be genlte.