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*This is a review*

Knowing that most of you will stop reading here, let me summarize:

Doflamingo is dah man! He did what we was expected and undermined king Riku like a boss. Violet, or Viola, is the king's daughter, and once again no freakin' wife on the horizon!! Really, this thing is getting irritating!

Ok, let's go.

First i want to comment on DD's ability. This thing is getting all the more overpowered! Not only resisting his strings seems impossible (see Jozu), but it has a huge range, enabling him to control multiple people in two(!) different cities. Once more his criminal mastermind shines even in details, having sent Monet to set the scene for his entrance, and having Vergo silence the incident for the Marines.

The Donquixote crew look really awesome!

  • Lao G is dressed like a pervert
  • Senor Pink is a swordsman; wonder who will fight him.
  • Also wonder what those two chicks can do. (probably just DD's pleasure mates) World class stupidity

We finally get a glimpse of Pica. He doesn't wear an armor after all :S He just has large spiky shoulders. Anyone else thinks he looks like a cyborg??? Is it time for Franky to shine, fighting a top tier opponent? I think so!

This chapter made the story about toys all the more complicated...

  • Is it Viola who erases the memories? She wasn't present during the scene, where Chinjao can't remember he has grandchildren.

  • How come some toys retain their memories and some don't?
  • What are the two rules DD set for?

Finally, Bellamy is gonna make his move. Obviously, he is no match for Luffy on one on one and he certainly knows that very well by now, so he must have some secret, sneaky way to attack his opponent (if he does attack eventually).

That's it!

If you're expecting a poll, too bad, there isn't any! Cheerz!!