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  • Vazelos3


    *This is a review*

    Knowing that most of you will stop reading here, let me summarize:

    Doflamingo is dah man! He did what we was expected and undermined king Riku like a boss. Violet, or Viola, is the king's daughter, and once again no freakin' wife on the horizon!! Really, this thing is getting irritating!

    Ok, let's go.

    First i want to comment on DD's ability. This thing is getting all the more overpowered! Not only resisting his strings seems impossible (see Jozu), but it has a huge range, enabling him to control multiple people in two(!) different cities. Once more his criminal mastermind shines even in details, having sent Monet to set the scene for his entrance, and having Vergo silence the incident for the Marines.

    The Do…

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  • Vazelos3

    In Marshall's shoes

    October 13, 2013 by Vazelos3

    o/ everybody!

    Someone said blogs are dead so I decided to prove him wrong! This is a blog to provoke your imagination and strategic thought.

    Imagine for a moment that you are here in Blackbeard's shoes.

    You are a major character, a yonko, and you wish to rise in power, with an ultimate goal to beat the crap out of your rivals and become pirate king. You also have an amazing and unique ability: you can steal devil fruits!

    Question one: Which of the known devil fruits would you steal, to which crew member would you give it to and why? Now, you have to take into consideration the risk this involves. For example, you say you want the Magu Magu…

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  • Vazelos3

    Chapter 718 prediction

    August 13, 2013 by Vazelos3

    Page 1:

    Sanji: Anyhow, we have to make a move. Sooner or later the marines will sniff us out. Let's just hope Luffy will remain inside the Colloseum. Come on Kin, let's go look for your friend in the flower flield. We'll leave the SAD factory in Franky's hands.

    Kin'emon: Sanji-dono I am eternally greatful, but how are we going to get passed the marines?

    Sanji: Just walk casually, we still have the disguises on. Let's hope they won't notice us

    • They both start walking passed the marine soldiers (not subtly at all)*

    Kin'emon: MANUJI-SAN, WHAT A WONDERFUL WEATHER WE HAVE TODAY FUFUFUFUFU !!! (caps for speaking loud)


    Marine officer: Hey you!

    Page 2

    • Both freeze and start to sweat*


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  • Vazelos3

    So what's up? Was that chapter too boring for the usual reviewers or are you guys preoccupied? Well, I'm gonna make a poor attempt to review it just to discuss the news with you.

    Luffy has small to no involvement in this chapter but we learned (or guessed) some of the abilities of the other contestants.

    • Ideo: the boxer with the explosive punches.This dude is wierd.Some say he might be a psyborg but i personaly believe that he is a long-arm tribe member and he uses this particular stance with his upper arms in order to boost his punches.Either way he seems strong but i believe he will be easily defeated.
    • The funk brothers: All went well until the panel where they defeat Boo.Just what happened there? It seems like they somehow merged since we cl…
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  • Vazelos3

    Fighting beasts

    June 28, 2013 by Vazelos3


    We all know that the mera mera no mi is a very powerful fruit and i guess every pirate would want it to make his crew stronger.Since Doflamingo is an underworld broker and generally a very important figure i'm sure that the news about the contest for the fruit has reached the far ends of the new world and the ears of every powerful figure that would be interested in it.Saying this and having read the latest prediction blogs by fellow users an idea poped in my head.

    What if the Yonkou Kaido set his eyes on the fruit and desided to send undercover agents to claim it? Yes! I'm talking about contestants fighting lion and fighting bull!! Those two could be artificial zoan users members of Kaido's crew sent there to get the fruit for their mas…

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