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Hey there its me again. Vamsisonu

Starting off with Nami and Chopper side , i would just say thank god zoro aint with them else they would never would get out. I still fail to believe the DISEASE whose parents would give them off for a disease. It might be just a thing those guys said to the children so that they wont fight back. The room with all the corpses was quite nice i should say. And i believe most of them are pirates. I also think those frozen people have something to do with the Aokiji-Akainu battle. Akainu is evil enough to bribe some pirates to fight for him against Aokiji.

The fate of the people was decided when thay took on Sanji and Franky but it still bugs me why do they fight for their boss when he changed their bottom with animals. Sanji seriously has to control his feelings maybe the joy of seeing normal humans after 2 yrs of HELL made him like that. The served head has a nice way to ask for what he wants to.

I wonder how come Smoker was so polite as to explain everything in detail to Law. It is just Law's bad luck to have the SHP alongside who will never remain quite. I dout that they are no more villans or what? Nami and Chopper came through without much trouble. Sanji and Franky sure are fast to catch up to the children so fast. Franky has seriously become a transformer to transform himself into anything. The scene where they make SUPERR pose is just awesome. Guess how Nami is with her clothing in such a weather.

Now i finally believe he is Law and now he even has improved power. I guess he also took the role of shichibukai only for some benefits that he may receieve. His new power is quite nice. Smoker vs Law is one to watch out for.

I wonder what happened to Luffy's side and Brook. But the hero is upposed to be seen at the end according to the ODA rule book.