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Hey all its me again sharing my thoughts.

Starting right off the cover it looks as if Disco has turned a bounty hunter having 5 Bounty posters(1 is above his head might be his thoughts but good enough for me to say he is a bounty hunter).Nextly i expected Tashigi to turn more powerful, she cant even cut an ice block if it was Zoro he would have cut apart the entire island down.

Next, i would have prefered to see Luffy and Robin on Usopp and Zoro's back it would have been nice. But Usopp showing a new attack is also good enough. And it is good to see the boss of those wierd creatures hopefully he may be one of the first of SHP's fleet(if Luffy knows how to handle one of course).

If Sanji would have been there when Nami praised Chopper he would have been so pissed. I still wonder where are Nami and Chopper actually heading to i guess right at the boss. Good to see weapons left (one of the very firsts). Wondering wether the people of the island are animals or just humans manupulated.

Coming to Brook's side i see that Torso is quite good and now i even believe that the only thing joining the seperated SH crew is the swordsman of course. Brook with torso; Sanji,Chopper,Franky and Nami with the head; and Luffy,Usopp and Zoro with his legs.

And finally coming to the boss i think it is not the actuall Law, if he was why would he hurry to hide ships. I think it is just the fruit of the research the actuall Boss of the island did. And i believe he was shown just to show that Law is now a Shichibukai and that Smoker has looked through his deception. But still there is the part that Law being there explains the theory of the cut and scattered peple.

Thank you for reading hopefully put your thoughts down also in the comment and critizing is always welcomed.

Vamsisonu 06:16, March 10, 2012 (UTC)