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PH arc is hazardous

Aloha amigos.

The question ending up being asked at the end of recent chapter is WHO THE HELL IS HE? But i want you all to look at the big picture - WHAT THE HECKS WITH THE ARC? This arc has the most ups and downs ever, even the style of Oda's to start and end a chapter has changed. A few weeks back me going through recent chapter and thinking this is gonna be another Oda-like/One-piece-like arc. And now what happened a lot of questions coming up and also a few awesome battles too and some pic characters too, like Sami(Sanji in Nami), Mystery character, Franner(Franky in Chopper), Haki, etc. etc.

If only the first arc of New World is at this level can't think any ahead. Please do leave your thoughts below too.

More how many chaps do you think will this arc last?

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