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  • Vamsisonu

    PH arc is hazardous

    June 16, 2012 by Vamsisonu

    Aloha amigos.

    The question ending up being asked at the end of recent chapter is WHO THE HELL IS HE? But i want you all to look at the big picture - WHAT THE HECKS WITH THE ARC? This arc has the most ups and downs ever, even the style of Oda's to start and end a chapter has changed. A few weeks back me going through recent chapter and thinking this is gonna be another Oda-like/One-piece-like arc. And now what happened a lot of questions coming up and also a few awesome battles too and some pic characters too, like Sami(Sanji in Nami), Mystery character, Franner(Franky in Chopper), Haki, etc. etc.

    If only the first arc of New World is at this level can't think any ahead. Please do leave your thoughts below too.

    More how many chaps do you think…

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  • Vamsisonu

    A flying question

    May 30, 2012 by Vamsisonu

    This is gonna be a simple blog.

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  • Vamsisonu

    Hey its me again Mr. what-i-say-never-gonna-happen. But yet i like blogging so here comes another one.

    Starting off with the cover Hannyabal the warden. You gotta be kiding me. And how did his size increase. Maybe the suit does it. No comments on Domino. But the main point here is what happened to Magellan.

    I wonder if the centaur pirates were defeated how do they have ammunation and also why are they in joyful mood? The one thing i got right is that Brownbeard is the head of those centaurs.Have to agree the centaur girl beside the boss is nice. This wholly changes the concept of centaur's. But i thought brownbeard was defeated by hawkins, how is he still alive . Anything can happen in OP. Damn those sharks stopping zoro from usinf his sword…

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  • Vamsisonu

    Hey there its me again. Vamsisonu

    Starting off with Nami and Chopper side , i would just say thank god zoro aint with them else they would never would get out. I still fail to believe the DISEASE whose parents would give them off for a disease. It might be just a thing those guys said to the children so that they wont fight back. The room with all the corpses was quite nice i should say. And i believe most of them are pirates. I also think those frozen people have something to do with the Aokiji-Akainu battle. Akainu is evil enough to bribe some pirates to fight for him against Aokiji.

    The fate of the people was decided when thay took on Sanji and Franky but it still bugs me why do they fight for their boss when he changed their bottom with …

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  • Vamsisonu

    Changes being made

    March 13, 2012 by Vamsisonu

    Hey all its me again. Vamsisonu

    Today i am here to bring to you the notice of changes oda has done recently which very much disturbs the tradition beofre.


    Though they are the villans they had a balance with the three like blue yellow and red the primary colours. They also represent the animals from the tale(forgot the name). It was perfect i thought but now there is just one admiral which destroys the balance maintained.


    The shichibukai also had a animal to represent themselves now with law being one of them and he doesn't have any animal to represent himself even that is broken.


    Before the time skip the supernovas were the ones with the highest bounties now this also changed as they are more pirates with higher…

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