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  • Vafiz

    The Big Boom Boom

    February 15, 2017 by Vafiz

    Ok so we know that one shot from Pluton = island is shrek'd.

    Also since Franky had the blueprints for that bad boy, what do you think are the chances that some of that sweet tech was used to build the Thousand Sunny? (i.e. Coup de burst /Gaon Cannon)

    And if you think I could be even remotely up to something, how many times bigger would the actual same cannon from Pluton would have to be to actually destroy a random island?

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  • Vafiz

    A bit of genetics...

    February 9, 2017 by Vafiz

    I have a bit of a theory about conqueror's haki and why is it rare in the one piece universe...

    I'm like 80% sure this theory of mine is innacurate, because my knowledge of genetics is close to non-existant.

    OK, so during the Marine ford war Garp mentioned that he suspected that Luffy was born with Conquerors haki, implying that it is a genetic trait.

    From what I know genetic traits can be either dominant or recessive. When the dominant trait presents itself, a person has a 100% chance of being born with it. For a recessive trait to show up both parents have to have the recessive trait.

    I'm suspecting that the Conquerors haki is a trait that is really rare and when it presents itself it is only recessive. One of the reasons Conquerors haki is …

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