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Okay everybody, this is a breakdown of our key players currently on the board and who they're affiliated with. The story has always been a "game of chess" between multiple sides. At first it was simply pirates vs marines. Then it bcame a 3 sided chess game with the Shichibukai. Adding more and more elements, the world government, the revolutionaries, the people of the world (various islands), alliances and so forth.

First off: Role call of the major forces present in the story

The Pirates

The Yonko
  1. Shanks
  2. Blackbeard
  3. Kaido
  4. Big Mom
The Supernovas (I'm throwing some extra in here. feel free to contest my decisions, but I think they belong)
  1. Luffy
  2. Zoro
  3. Law
  4. Cavendish
  5. Batolomeo
  6. Bonney
  7. Urouge
  8. Capone
  9. Drake
  10. Apoo
  11. Hawkins
  12. Killer
  13. Kid
The Shichibukai (Shared with the marines, but I'm counting them as pirates)
  1. Mihawk
  2. Kuma
  3. Hancock
  4. Weevil
  5. Buggy
Fleets Which represent consierable threats.
  1. The Whitebeard Pirates
  2. The Strawhat Grand Fleet
Notable mentions (okay, only one comes to mind, feel free to remind me of others)
  1. Jinbe
  2. Kuzan

The Marines

The Fleet Admiral
  1. Sakazuki
The Admirals
  1. Borsalino
  2. Issho
  3. Ryokugyu
Notable Mentions
  1. Garp
  2. Coby
  3. Sengoku

The World Government

The Gorosei
Cipher Pol
  1. CP0
  2. CP9

The Revolutionaries


Ancient Weapons

  1. Pluton (out of commision presumably?)
  2. Poseidon
  3. Uranus

Military Powers of The World (Please suggest others. )


Second: 'How Many' Sides Are There?

The Primary Good Side

  1. Luffy
  2. Zoro
  3. Law
  4. Cavendish
  5. Batolomeo
  6. Shanks
  7. The Whitebeard Pirates
  8. The Strawhat Grand Fleet
  9. Hancock
  10. Jinbe
  11. Poseidon
  12. Alabasta
  13. Skypiea
  14. Zou

The Revolutionaries (General opinion is that they will merge with luffy and the good guys later on.... so good guys)

  1. Dragon
  1. Sabo
  1. Ivankov

The Primary Bad Side

  1. The Gorosei
  2. CP0
  3. CP9
  4. Sakazuki
  5. Borsalino
  6. Ryokugyu
  7. Sengoku
  8. Kuma
  9. Weevil
The Slightly Bad Side (Some amount of moral integrity)
  1. Issho
  2. Garp
  3. Coby
  4. Mihawk
  5. Buggy

Blackbeard's Side

  1. Blackbeard
  2. Kuzan

Kaido's Side

  1. Kaido
  2. Jack (if alive)
  3. The two remaining "3 calamities"
  4. Drake

Big Mom's Side

  1. Big Mom
  2. Capone

Kid Alliance

  1. Kid
  2. Killer
  3. Hawkins
  4. Apoo

Unknown factors


Last: Analysis

So the way I cut it, that's 7 independant sides, each with their own goals and ambitions.

The world of one piece is currently a 7 sided chess board.

I personally don't thing the kid alliance, Big mom, and kaido will be lasting enemies. 

I think the final conflict will be our heroes versus either blackbeard or the world government. Possibly a simultaneous two front battle of the revolutionaries vs the world gov, while luffy and blackbeard duke it out elsewhere.

Parting message: I'll be updating this every 100 chapters or so. Adding and Subtracting elements as I see fit. Please comment. I make these to hear your opinions and theories. Who will fight who? Who will be victorious? Who will be the Pirate King?