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Hey all,

I'm no Kaido, nor 12th supernova, but the chapter is out and no one has made a blog yet. So I'm putting on my big boy shoes and giving this a shot.

We get a nice chapter cover showing the Torino kingdom reading the new wanted poster for chopper. Gotta love that Tanukichi Drug Store in the background. We then get our next big reveal. Inurashi and nekomamushi were once members of Roger's crew. It sounds like they just tagged along to keep Oden safe, but I'm counting them as full fledged members. Plus before they were on his ship, whitebeard had sought them out. Now it's kind of fuzzy here on whether or not they were members of the whitebeard crew first, or if whitebeard just liked to sneak Oden out of the country to hang out. What's your opinion on the translations that are out?

We get a comic scene of usopp freaking out over this big reveal, before nami steps in with the most sensable question to date. "If the log poses lead to the end of the new world, but Raftel can only be find by triangulating locations from the poneglyphs, then.... Raftel isn't at the physical end, it's just the metaphorical end of the line. And WHAT IS AT THE PHYSICAL END OF THE LINE????" 

Now the conversation turns back to wano and building forces to take out Kaido. Neko reveals that he's trying to find where Marco has gone, and drops A TON of sweet sweet info on the timeskip. Apparently Marco and the other division leaders of the whitebeard pirates sought out and faught with blackbeard, in a catastrophic war now dubbed "The Payback War". Sadly our flamming friend the phoenix had his tail feathers plucked and was defeated. But he's not confirmed dead, just hiding out somewhere. Neko is hoping to find him and recruit the remains of the Whitebeard pirates into the "Wano Liberation Front". My personal fear is that marco and some of the other division leaders have been sucked into blackbeard yomi yomi body. 

Now the teams decides to split up again. Luffy, Nami, Chopper, and Crook are off with pekoms to see big mom and get sanji back. The remaining straw hats, Law, the samurai, and presumably the mink leaders are off to find marco. Both sides will reunite at Wano. The chapter wraps up with Ele-fun the Elephant screaming in pain from jack's attack. Next chapter is gonna be the defense of Zou.


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