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    Hey all, I recently read that there was theory that Blackbeard's "first" Devil Fruit is a legendary zoan cerberus fruit. I've seen this theory backed up by people pointing out his jolly rodger, and by his ability to "eat" more than one fruit. Well I've started re-reading the whole series again and I just got past the mocktown story (Currently enjoying their arrival to jaya). I noticed that in chapter 225 on page 16, Luffy and Zoro are departing after ending their talk with blackbeard. Nami suggests asking blackbeard for info, and both Luffy and Zoro correct her using the word "He", instead suggesting there's really a "them". Now, like many people I thought they were alluding to sensing that blackbeards crewmates were watching. However the …

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    Hey all,

    I'm no Kaido, nor 12th supernova, but the chapter is out and no one has made a blog yet. So I'm putting on my big boy shoes and giving this a shot.

    We get a nice chapter cover showing the Torino kingdom reading the new wanted poster for chopper. Gotta love that Tanukichi Drug Store in the background. We then get our next big reveal. Inurashi and nekomamushi were once members of Roger's crew. It sounds like they just tagged along to keep Oden safe, but I'm counting them as full fledged members. Plus before they were on his ship, whitebeard had sought them out. Now it's kind of fuzzy here on whether or not they were members of the whitebeard crew first, or if whitebeard just liked to sneak Oden out of the country to hang out. What's y…

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    Who's Backing Whom?

    February 9, 2016 by Uraharattack

    Okay everybody, this is a breakdown of our key players currently on the board and who they're affiliated with. The story has always been a "game of chess" between multiple sides. At first it was simply pirates vs marines. Then it bcame a 3 sided chess game with the Shichibukai. Adding more and more elements, the world government, the revolutionaries, the people of the world (various islands), alliances and so forth.

    The Pirates

    The Yonko
    1. Shanks
    2. Blackbeard
    3. Kaido
    4. Big Mom
    The Supernovas (I'm throwing some extra in here. feel free to contest my decisions, but I think they belong)
    1. Luffy
    2. Zoro
    3. Law
    4. Cavendish
    5. Batolomeo
    6. Bonney
    7. Urouge
    8. Capone
    9. Drake
    10. Apoo
    11. Hawkins
    12. Killer
    13. Kid
    The Shichibukai (Shared with the marines, but I'm counting them as pirates)
    1. Mihawk
    2. Kuma
    3. Hancock
    4. Weevil
    5. Buggy …

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  • Uraharattack

    Hey yall!!! So after years of watching one piece on toonami, I finally got fed up and decided to read it. I just finished (got caught up) so here are my thoughts on where this is all headed and I want some input. 

    Here we go. probably gonna be wrong on some of these but still worth a read.

    Jack works for kaido, thus his crew is most likely all zoan fruit users. Recal that franky said there were no traces of gunpowder at the destruction of Zou. Jack is also definitely a saddistic freak >>> the torture aparattus near the entrance. I believe Jack is likely a powerful zoan, possibly legendary. I'm guessing either Gryphin or Oni.

    I think it's cute that Burgess is gonna try to take down the Rev. Army. I think he's gonna have his butt handed to him.…

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