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  • Ultimate Law of Kaitlyn

    Well, seeing as Ricizubi stole my second blog concept just now; I decided to make this one explaining what I beleive Doflamingo's abilities actually are.

    Simply put: Enhanced haki.

    It is stated by Silvers Rayleigh that haki is limitless, and can be infinitely expanded upon. It is also stated that the metamorphosed and focused capabilities of haki vary from individual, such examples include but are not limited to Monkey D. Luffy and Rayleigh himself; with Luffy possessing the ability to maintain it in his arm fusing it with Gear 3rd tincturing it black while on the other hand Rayleigh can just call forth an invisible barrier.

    This would also perfectly explain the aggregation of many abilities down to Fishman Karate and possibly even the skill …

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  • Ultimate Law of Kaitlyn

    Note: Somethings are left out such as experience, etc; but I felt it uneccesary to state already self explanatory qualities.

    Sir Crocodile is alot stronger then people give him credit for as well as much more knowledgable and intelligent. Apart from the two times he would have killed Monkey D. Luffy had it not been for the help of Nico Robin (first round), then later with his own ingenious (second round) and an antidote for the poison (third round), but also for the record he could take a direct punch from a haki infused Jozu in his partial diamond form; yet land on his feet and get up like no big deal prepared to take on the 3rd devision commander who was in mid-charge before getting stopped by Donquixote Doflamingo. He was bathed in the P…

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