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  • Ultimate-Amaretsu

    Now, according to a teaser, 2018 will be an important plot point that will make the Battle of Marineford a "joke" BUT the question is: "WHAT WILL HAPPEN?"

    My guess are as follows:-

    • Big Mom: (a) Ending 1: Big Mom eats the cake, and makes a deal with the SH for providing delicious food to Big Mom; (b) Ending 2: Big Mom eats the cake, and remembers how she ate Granny (i.e. the nun who wanted to sell her to the Marines) and regrets for her whole life; (c) Ending 3: Big Mom eats the cake, faints, and Pudding amends part of her memory.
    • Searching Marco: Marco was revealed to be important to their war against Kaido, however, ahead of them lies the new Shichibukai - Whitebeard Junior. Will he have killed Marco? Or will he join Kaido for the war against S…

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  • Ultimate-Amaretsu


    February 16, 2017 by Ultimate-Amaretsu

    Although that's a bit late, BUT (at least I think), Oda might start a new line of power of Awakening!


    Remember, when Doffy first mentioned that there is a new form of power of the DF - that is Awakening, he changed nearly the whole island into strings.  However, I think that might have appeared much earlier in the show, for example - when the whole Punk Hazard was covered by nothing but lava and ice, it might well be that Akainu and Aojiki have used their Awakening. (or perhaps even earlier, when our mysterious dragon summoned a storm to save luffy)

    Now firstly, how does Awakening work?

    Let's start from the basics, a Devil Fruit power also generally affects the clothes that the user is wearing.  But now, it goes further, to the area…

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