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Weird Dreams

I had a really weird dream the other day, and I thought I'd like to share it with ya'll. Maybe you had dreams similar to mine, too. Or maybe your dream was basically Inception. I dunno.

First I should mention, I work in my school's office to deliver passes. It's in the morning, so sometimes I sleep.

I dreamt I woke up in my office, realizing I was late for my next class. It's actually down the hall, but for some reason I decide to go out the doors, around the back parking lot, through the back door, up the stairs, accross the building, and finally to my class. Half-way there, my dog ran up to me. I started to pet her, then I'm greeted by my future self, who was oddly dressed as Solid Snake. He was about to tell me something, but then I started to beat him up because my girlfriend was nearby (I wish this was real now. T_T).

Instead of continuing to class, I stretched my arms at the fence, and use Gum-Gum Rocket. As I flew, I passed by Rainbow Dash. Then I landed in the ocean. There, I saw Spongebob, Nemo, and Ponyo. They hit me. I woke up in my office as usual just as the bell rings. I gather my things and I'm about to head to the door. Then, I wake up for real.

The next class wasn't for another hour...Freaky stuff.

Anyways, what kind of weird dreams do you have?

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