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I'm in my Drama class for acting right now. Our assignment is to write a monologue and perform it. I decided to base mine on Blackbeard's speech. I wanted to share it with ya'll and ask what you think of it. Criticsm is needed.

NOTE: You're welcome to reuse this if you're using it for your class as well. If you repost this on any site, please give credit.

I saw the whole thing. I saw you being mocked, hit, and spat upon. I saw you being bullied, getting hurt, blood flowing down from your face. I heard their words: "It does not exist" or "Dreams are for fools". "The age of dreams are dead", seriously?! Zehahaha! (yes, I'm doing the laugh)

I saw your battle with them. You didn't even throw a punch. Well, good! Let them beat you. Let them pity you. Let them mock you. Is that going to stop you from chasing your dreams? And why fight back? What reason do you have? To show you're too much of a coward that you always need to stand on your feet? Are they the only thing that can support you? No? Then let them laugh! Anyone who wants to be a first-rate man will encounter a time when there is no reason to fight back! It's wrong to chase your dreams? It's wrong to believe in this goal, even if it may not exist? Zehahaha! What a load of crap!

Don't stop chasing your dreams! Don't quit your adventure! Don't be a coward! You let them beat you in there, you let them hurt you. You never fought back. You know there's no reason to. You have a goal, they don't. Let them have their ignorance! Let them beat you! You won without even throwing a punch! Never stop chasing your dreams. Never stop believing. For the dreams of man...WILL NEVER DIE!