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One Piece Alphabet Character Game!

Uknownada December 16, 2013 User blog:Uknownada

Ahoy! I got a new game for ya'll to play.

Take all of the letters of the alphabet, and say the name of the first character that comes to mind. For example:
A - Apple
B - Banana

Assuming there are characters that go by that name.


1. Don't look at the comments before playing! It might make you think of characters you probably wouldn't have.

2. Epithets don't count as part of the name, unless the character has never been referred to otherwise. For example, you can say "Green Apple" because that's how you call a green apple. But you can't say "Arching Banana" because that's what bananas are famous for anyways.

3. English names are allowed. So you can say "Pineapple" just like you can say "Ananas".

4. You're allowed to say just one part of the name. So you can say "Apple" instead of "Green Apple", providing if you're referring to Green Apple, though.

5. Using English or fractions of names does not mean you can say them again. So you can say "Pineapple" or "Ananas". Not both.

6. Non-canon names are allowed.

7. I win the game automatically.

Let's see how truly popular these different characters are; who comes to mind first?

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