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Sup, guys! Your favorite video-creator/Meme-maker/Stripper/Yaoi-poster/Ryu-stabber here! I'm here to announce a new project I'm going to try and work on, and I want you to be a part of it.

I've realized, after being a Youtuber for about 4 years, I always tend to drop video projects long after announcing them, only because I never worked a nibble on it. Well, I hope this won't be the same for this one, because this is the best idea I've had yet.

First of all, I got inspired by this video (warning: amazing gameplay to an amazing song will be included):

After watching it, I thought to myself "why not do it to One Piece?" In all honesty, I think many of Queen's songs are quite fitting when it's played on One Piece, especially this one. So basically, I want to make an AMV. A huge AMV. Just like that video, only with One Piece.

Now what does this have to do with you? Well, as I'm sure you all know, One Piece has had a crap-load of epic moments. Too many to count. So I want you all to suggest me moments to use in this video. I already have some in mind, but I want to know if I'm forgetting anything. These could be things such as attacks, finishers, movements, etc. So please suggest to me any moment you can that is so epic, funny, or just plain fits the song. Also, it has to include all 9 crew members. They each need a part in the song, like how the 9 classes did in the video.

I already have the very begginning and the very end planned out. The ending won't be for a while, because it has to include all 9 of the Straw Hats' new eyecatchers. I will also try to get a big video editor, because Windows Movie Maker is just failing me now.

Another thing you guys can do is put together different clips into parts of the song, describe it to me or make it into a video, then send it. I could remake it to be fitting to the final product. You can make it into a video or just describe it, like:

"On the part where the song sings 'derpherp', Luffy derps Coby." And I'll put it in how I see fit for the video.

I have no idea how this video will turn out, if at all. I just want to make a great one, and you guys can help. You can even make prototypes if you want. If you think you can help on something else, suggest it.

I hope we can make this the best One Piece AMV ever (though with how crappy most of them are, it wouldn't be so hard).

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