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  • hopes I do not get banned for this*

So, this is just some crazy, stupid idea but...if, now this is speculation mind you, Oda signed a paper for somebody to make an official One Piece porno...and it had Oda's aproval and everything, would we have to make an article on it? I mean, One Piece is the most popular manga in Japan, and Japan is the country that produces the most pornography (don't ask how I know that), so a One Piece porno HAD to be made at some point, right?

This is just a question. I'm not saying if we should, but this IS the One Piece encycolpedia after all. I don't know if an official film of it does exist, but if it does, we could just write an article with no pictures.

[This will be the only porn-related post I will ever make. Just sayin']