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Late at night, in the Thousand Sunny, Tony Tony Chopper was sitting in his office. He had been working on many different ingredients ever since the Straw Hats' departure from Water 7. As he grinded the ingredients together and blended them, he had finally finished. "It's done..." He holds it up in joy. "It's finally done! I can cure him!"

He ran out of his office with the bottle in hand, cheering throughout the ship. As he ran through the lawn deck, he exclaims "Wah-hoo! I've done it!" Brook was at the helm, taking his turn to steer the ship at night.

"Chopper! You've finally found the way to get me cured?"

Chopper replies, "No you dumbass! You can't even get sick, you're a skeleton!"

Brook takes a moment to process the message. "Ah, I forgot. Yoho~"

Chopper walks up to him and asks, "Where is Zoro? I think I can finally help him."

"Zoro is up in the crow's nest, doing more training."

"Thanks, Brook!" Chopper smiles and runs off.

Brook looks off at the sea, in a happy mood. "Aw, you make me blush...wait, I don't have a face. Yoho~"

At the crow's nest, Zoro is lifting a giant dumbbell on his neck. "674...675..." Chopper barged through the door. "Zoro! I can help!"

Zoro throws the dumbbell in frustration. "Dammit, I lost count. Tch." He grabs a towel and puts it around him. "What do you want, Chopper?"

Chopper smiles and holds out the bottle of medicine. "I've finally been able to cure you of your stupidity!"

Zoro gives an angry glare. "What was that? I'm not stupid." He looks around. "Now wait here, I need to go to the bathroom." He walks into a wall. "Dammit, Franky is a horrible architect."

Chopper shakes his head. "The bathroom isn't even up here."

Zoro angrily blushes. "I...I knew that!"

Chopper runs up to him, holding up the medicine. "Well, before you go, drink this. It will help you better."

Zoro takes the bottle from him. "Fine. It better help with whatever problem I don't have." He opens the bottle and chugs all the medicine down. Chopper jumps in excitement, since now he can cure stupidity. As Zoro drinks the last drop, he lets his head down and coughs. "Ahh...what the hell, Chop..." He stops mid-sentence and widens his eyes. Chopper carefully walks up to him in surprise.

" you feel okay?" Suddenly, Zoro gives out a loud scream. He coughs out blood and collapses. "ZORO!" Chopper turns into human form and grabs his arm to check his pulse. "Oh, my..." There was no beat.