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November 27, 2010
  • Uknownada

    I was searching through older One Piece chapters and I came across something interesting. I've never actually seen anybody question this or even discuss it at all. There's a quote that's been quietly lurking around the fandom that perplexes me:

    "Everything that humans can imagine is a possibility in reality." ~Physicist Willy Karen

    Now what does this mean and what does it have to do with One Piece? It turns out that this quote was used in one of the One Piece chapters. Chapter 218, page 14. Here's a quick link to it. It was said during the dawn of the Jaya Arc, when that ship fell from the sky. It's a more-or-less fitting quote, since a giant ship falling down from out of nowhere is such a great thing to imagine. But there's one thing that c…

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  • Uknownada

    Hi, everybody! Ever wanted to play 2048 but with One Piece characters? No? Well, now you can!

    The most irrelevant game since Cookie Clicker, 2048 is a game where you move pieces around, combining them until they get to a higher value. Get to the highest value, and you win! It's easier said than done, though. So good luck, and let's see how high you can go!

    My high score was 2560. Made it up to Franky. BUT WHO'S AFTER? Find out the obvious answer now!

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  • Uknownada

    Ya yo ya yo! You probably read the title, but in case you didn't, this is a review of the recently released One Piece: Romance Dawn for the Nintendo 3DS. Yeah, I know it's been out in Japan for over a year on the PSP, but it was just released in North America on the 3DS ten days before I wrote this. So obviously, the game is new to me.

    It should be noted (do people ever actually note things like that?) that I'm not going to go over the PSP game for the obvious reason that I can't play it. It's Japan-only. The game is probably exactly the same anyways, so if you want my review of that, just replace "Nintendo" with "Sony" and "3DS" with "PSP".

    Also, I'm only part way through the game. I just beat Syrup Village, but I'm fairly certain I've reache…

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  • Uknownada

    How Sengoku Stole Christmas

    December 28, 2013 by Uknownada

    Every Marine down in Marineford liked Christmas a lot...

    But Sengoku, who lived just north of Marineford, did NOT!

    Sengoku hated Christmas! The whole Christmas season!

    Now, please don't ask why. No one quite knows the reason.

    It could be that his hat wasn't put on just right.

    It could be, perhaps, that his fro was packed tight.

    But I think the most likely reason of all...

    May have been that his Buddha body was two sizes too small.

    But, whatever the reason, his body or his fro,

    He stood there on Christmas Eve, hating the Marine's show.

    Staring down from his base with a sour, admiral frown

    At the warm lighted windows below like they're clowns.

    For he knew every Marine down in Marineford's land

    Was busy now, setting up Ace's execution stand.

    "And they're s…

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  • Uknownada

    Ahoy! I got a new game for ya'll to play.

    Take all of the letters of the alphabet, and say the name of the first character that comes to mind. For example:
    A - Apple
    B - Banana

    Assuming there are characters that go by that name.


    1. Don't look at the comments before playing! It might make you think of characters you probably wouldn't have.

    2. Epithets don't count as part of the name, unless the character has never been referred to otherwise. For example, you can say "Green Apple" because that's how you call a green apple. But you can't say "Arching Banana" because that's what bananas are famous for anyways.

    3. English names are allowed. So you can say "Pineapple" just like you can say "Ananas".

    4. You're allowed to say just one part of the na…

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