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    by Nada and Ryu-Chan

    DAVID HENRIE……….……….. Luffy

    JOHN BOYEGA….............….... Zoro


    LIAM NEESON………………… Shanks

    WILLEM DAFOE………………. Eneru

    SEAN CONNERY……………… Garp



    Wealth, fame, power…



    These are the prizes and achievements and everything else the world had to offer to the most famous pirate in the world: Gold Roger. He may have gotten more, had he not decided to play with gods. As he ventured through the world to find the legendary One Piece treasure, he attempted to take it from Eneru, the god of the sky, and his ruthless Warlords of the Sea. After his fate had been decided, Eneru banished Gold Roger from the sky, with all his treasure taken from …

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  • Uknownada

    Zipf's Law and One Piece

    November 11, 2015 by Uknownada

    Hey, Wiki! Nada here. So I've been watching a lot of Vsauce on Youtube lately, and one recent video made me a little curious. It's called The Zipf Mystery, and it goes over Zipf's Law and how it applies to not just our language, but pretty much everything we do. It's an interesting topic, and I recommend giving this video a watch before reading this blog.

    In a nutshell, Zipf's Law is a phenomenon where the words of a given document (book, poem, essay, etc.) are approximately distributed through a consistent pattern: The second-most used word would appear about half as often as the most used word. The third-most used word would appear about one third as often, etc. This pattern is not limited to what's written.

    Curious about how this all work…

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  • Uknownada

    I was searching through older One Piece chapters and I came across something interesting. I've never actually seen anybody question this or even discuss it at all. There's a quote that's been quietly lurking around the fandom that perplexes me:

    "Everything that humans can imagine is a possibility in reality." ~Physicist Willy Karen

    Now what does this mean and what does it have to do with One Piece? It turns out that this quote was used in one of the One Piece chapters. Chapter 218, page 14. Here's a quick link to it. It was said during the dawn of the Jaya Arc, when that ship fell from the sky. It's a more-or-less fitting quote, since a giant ship falling down from out of nowhere is such a great thing to imagine. But there's one thing that c…

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  • Uknownada

    Hi, everybody! Ever wanted to play 2048 but with One Piece characters? No? Well, now you can!

    The most irrelevant game since Cookie Clicker, 2048 is a game where you move pieces around, combining them until they get to a higher value. Get to the highest value, and you win! It's easier said than done, though. So good luck, and let's see how high you can go!

    My high score was 2560. Made it up to Franky. BUT WHO'S AFTER? Find out the obvious answer now!

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    Ya yo ya yo! You probably read the title, but in case you didn't, this is a review of the recently released One Piece: Romance Dawn for the Nintendo 3DS. Yeah, I know it's been out in Japan for over a year on the PSP, but it was just released in North America on the 3DS ten days before I wrote this. So obviously, the game is new to me.

    It should be noted (do people ever actually note things like that?) that I'm not going to go over the PSP game for the obvious reason that I can't play it. It's Japan-only. The game is probably exactly the same anyways, so if you want my review of that, just replace "Nintendo" with "Sony" and "3DS" with "PSP".

    Also, I'm only part way through the game. I just beat Syrup Village, but I'm fairly certain I've reache…

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