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Hello all, TwoPiece with my first Blog ever.... Wish me Luck. *gulp.

I am writing this because of a couple reasons. First off, I think that Mythical Zoan's are the coolest and honestly the most powerful Devil Fruits. Second, I think that Oda needs to introduce like one or two more here soon considering we have only seen 2 (Marco, and Sengoku). I understand the rareity but Logia is also rare (not as rare) and i think we all know that we have seen a good amount of Logias. So my question to you is (and i know that other blogs have mentioned new Mythical Zoans) what Mythical Zoans do you want to see the most? And what would there main attributes consist of?

Mine: 1. A Harpy. Similar to Marco's but a girl instead. Abilities: Ear-Shattering Screams, Flying, Physical Strength.

2. A Centaur. Just sounds cool to me... Abilities: Unbelievable Strength, Speed, maybe some cool way of splitting the earth.

Those are just two that i could think of. Let me know!

(crosses fingers and hopes someone actually comments)