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  • TwoPiece

    The Straw Hat

    June 14, 2012 by TwoPiece

    TP here. So for a little while now something has really been bothering me. The significance of the Straw Hat. We clearly know that Gol D Roger had it and eventually gave it too Shanks, and then years later Shanks gave it to Luffy but I am always wondering whether it actually has significance other than just that. Everyone that knew Roger said that Luffy reminded them of him and I think it is good to note that Silvers Rayleigh (the man closest to Roger) said it also while reminiscing about the first time they (he and Roger) met. My question is this: Shanks gave the hat to Luffy for a couple reasons, but the main being (IMO) that he would return it to him one day after becoming a great pirate. BUT why would Roger give it too Shanks? Did he t…

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  • TwoPiece

    Hello all, TwoPiece with my first Blog ever.... Wish me Luck. *gulp.

    I am writing this because of a couple reasons. First off, I think that Mythical Zoan's are the coolest and honestly the most powerful Devil Fruits. Second, I think that Oda needs to introduce like one or two more here soon considering we have only seen 2 (Marco, and Sengoku). I understand the rareity but Logia is also rare (not as rare) and i think we all know that we have seen a good amount of Logias. So my question to you is (and i know that other blogs have mentioned new Mythical Zoans) what Mythical Zoans do you want to see the most? And what would there main attributes consist of?

    Mine: 1. A Harpy. Similar to Marco's but a girl instead. Abilities: Ear-Shattering Scream…

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