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ok, this is just a theory. its about luffy's red hawk/hook attack.

one of the rumors about devil fruit is that when a devil fruit user dies, that persons devil fruit is recreated. that's how the identification manual was made. cuz all of the devil fruit have existed before.

so here is my theory. sometime during his two years of training, LUFFY ATE ACE'S DEVIL FRUIT!!!

i know, its very unlikely, but it would be the coolest thing ever.

how would he have gotten it? maybe rayleigh got it for him. i mean, the uy traveled all the way around the grand line. why wouldn't he know where the devil fruit tree is?

the lack of an explanation from luffy? devil fruit powers take a long time to get the hang of. maybe luffy hasn't mastered it yet? his fight with hodi was probly the first time he ever successfully used it (but not very well).

i just think it would be really cool for luffy to have his brothers devil fruit and be able to master it in the near future.

even though the theory of having two devil fruits is impossible (except for blackbeard).

what do u guys think????