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HOLY SHIT i was stoked to learn that kaido is the yonkou luffy and crew are going after, mainly cuz i called it when everyone was so confident that it was gonna be big mom. but heres the question, do u guys think that they will actually be able to bring kaido down, or will it be an epic fail? alot of ppl think its too early for luffy to take down a yonkou, but think about this. oda has stated that OP is half way over now and that he intends to start rapping things up. so why the hell would it be too soon? sure, luffy isn't strong enough to beat kaido one on one, but an alliance of supernovas? im guessing kaido is going to be defeated at the end of the current saga, and luffy and crew will gain alot more fame throughout the new world, along with the other supernovas.