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Make Your own Shichibukai!

Toto Blue November 3, 2012 User blog:Toto Blue

Hewwo, is Biscuits Or Toto, whichever you like best and I don't think the current shichibukai are the best!

I can only think up a couple of Shichi's

Anyways, I want you to make up a Shichibukai that are unstoppable, yet, credible so it can't just be Kaidou, Monkey D Luffy, Charlo Lin and you get the point, it has to be someone who would actually take the position!

So leave a comment and find me some members because I am......Akainu and I will melt you if we don't get Shochibukai peeps!

Oh and you can use the lads and lassies who are already shichibukai, but be creative. And it has to be an existing character from one piece


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