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So, Sabo's dead, I've noticed that, some people think he isn't, I hope he's not.

But even if he is, I've been thinking. You know the way Lassoo, Mr 4's dog, used to be a gun but it ate a zoan type dog fruit and he turned into an ALIVE dog. So, no need for a soul fruit or anything, a zoan type should re animate you pefectly.

If Vegapunk found this out who could've known what would happen!

People, Ace, Sabo, Whitebeard, Gol D, and even Higumas henchman could all be revived with a zoan.

Easy peasy. I bet a straw hat crew member will die but it will eat a zoan and come back with power.

This is theory as well, but if a fruit entered a gun why couldn't it enter a corpse, or a skeleton, you get put it into those ancient weapons and it would be alive and beating up things, massively destructive!

So Devil fruits have unimaginable abilities in some places beyond recognition, kinda like Enel's restart-my-heart-ha-now-Wiper-my-arse.