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707-Prediction of the worthiest

Opening thing...I don't really care, you make it up!

Page 1

Fujitora: CP0 I presume sit down

CP0 Big guy: thanks chief, I love you!

cP0 SMALL GUY: Shut up

Fujitora: My secret government alliance that nobody knows about except for Law and Nico Pico... I forget her name

Page 2 and 3

Giant pointy finger splash across page 2 and 3 Exterminate them DOOM

Page 4

Law: Lets get across that bridge and quick, check out the look on that guy, he totes wants to eat our faces!

Robin CC U-man: *Gasp

Then two of the Cp0 members jump out from under the table

Law: *Girlish scream*

Cp0 mischevious maker of baking ninjas: Okama Kempo, Memoir of taking down that man we met a few minutes ago

CPO...Other guy:Kisokochenchu! *He lets out a street fighter/Dragonball attack

Page 5

Law: everyone oveer the nridge quick

CP0 Ninja baker guy:You won't be rooming anywhere choppy

Law shouts room

Usopp and  Robin can't hold off CP0 For long though

But long enough

Page 6 and 7

A bg room around de bridge law created!

Page 8 9

Law splits bridge in quaters Usopp and CC Comically avoid piranhas and CP0 While Law and Robin sing this song floating around a chunk of stuff, whateves

Stick around cuz I'll finish this laterz!

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