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    Sooo, I have become obsessed with unsolved mysteries like aliens and stuff of the sort and I thought to myself... Is there anything in one piece that I really wnat to know the answer to that did make me shiver just a little and then I remembered!


    Now, the original thing most people were saying was 

    "Ohh, man, they were just like shadows brah like the ones from skypiea like dude!"

    BING BING BING, Fair theory...however.


    I'm not gonna put a photo in because it would take up a lotttt of space. But the ship they're overlooking is THRILLER MOTHERLOVING BARK. THE MASSIF ONE! plus they are in the distance a bit.

    K so two theories:

    1. These are simply shadows from skypiea but in a different ā€¦

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    Opening thing...I don't really care, you make it up!

    Page 1

    Fujitora: CP0 I presume sit down

    CP0 Big guy: thanks chief, I love you!

    cP0 SMALL GUY: Shut up

    Fujitora: My secret government alliance that nobody knows about except for Law and Nico Pico... I forget her name

    Page 2 and 3

    Giant pointy finger splash across page 2 and 3 Exterminate them DOOM

    Page 4

    Law: Lets get across that bridge and quick, check out the look on that guy, he totes wants to eat our faces!

    Robin CC U-man: *Gasp

    Then two of the Cp0 members jump out from under the table

    Law: *Girlish scream*

    Cp0 mischevious maker of baking ninjas: Okama Kempo, Memoir of taking down that man we met a few minutes ago

    CPO...Other guy:Kisokochenchu! *He lets out a street fighter/Dragonball attack

    Page 5


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    I don't have any supporting evidence other than he's probably not a shicibukai because why woulld they want someone so old they should have some fresh muscle man.

    He has an operating sword that still has kuma blood on it, mmhm.

    And he planted supa hi-tech hole mines under the bar gamble thingy.

    On another note how did Hancock beat up alll those pacifista at marineford... I mean robots don't have they?

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    Law Back stab Luffy

    March 11, 2013 by Toto Blue

    Consider it.

    Law wants to kill yonko, so does Luffy. Law wants to do some some SAD Crap too. Law has no time to do so much.

    • Bing* I know I'll ally that fool

    Luffy is gullible and decievable. Law can just get some help from him and his crew and kill Kaido. Then he traps them in that room thing and he will chop them up into tiny pieces and eat them.

    Law is yonko and he killed SH Crew...pwetty boos.

    Then he becomes intimate with big mom and together they kill the yonko and become pirate king and queen.

    As so is the circle of life.

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    Now and then

    December 12, 2012 by Toto Blue

    So, back in the olden days when the Pirate king sailed the seas, there was a major 4, made up of Roger, Garp, Sengoku and Whitebeard.

    If Luffy's gonna be the King, whos will be the major four?

    These are people that can almost beat Luffy by that point. 

    I'm guessing something Like Buggy, Coby or Smoker possibly, Shanks is a Yonko and kinda old, but he'll still be around when Luffy dies or whatevs, Coby isn't that strong now, but I hear he's captain and he says he'll be an admiral.

    I can't think many more, so yous think up some valuable thoughts and comment them!

    Going Merry Christmas

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