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One Piece Marathon Livestream!!!

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With One Piece returning to Toonami this Saturday 5/18/13 at 1:00 am ET, FUNimation wanted to do something over the top to celebrate its return. So, this week, The FUNimation Show's Scott Porter, will be locked to watch every episode up to #207, where Toonami is starting off on Saturday. 

Guests include: 

Thursday 5/16 11am - Brina Palencia, Voice of Tony Tony Chopper 1pm - Stephanie Young, Voice of Nico Robin 3pm - Colleen Clinkenbeard, Voice of Monkey D. Luffy

Friday 5/17 12pm - ScrewAttack ( 5pm - Chris Sabat, Voice of Zoro 6pm - Mike McFarland, ADR Director

If you guys are fans of the dub, then enjoy!!

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