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Oh god i've made a terrible mistake. i really hope this doesn't suck

If I'm not mistaken, this is my inaugural blog. So yeah. Um... I'm not sure what to talk about. I guess I'll choose a safe topic and lead with the anime's quality. As I'm sure many of you are aware, quite a few users (or former users, rather) were very vocal in their criticisms of Toei's treatment regarding the show. Rarely though do I see an in-depth discussion chronicling where things began to get off track. It's common knowledge that Oda's style has changed over the years, like many fellow mangaka. But, if one examines the anime, they'll notice far more deviations from the source material in terms of style. My question to you then, dear reader, is what animation style you do you have an affinity or preference towards. The earlier stuff? Current stuff? Any specific animator whose style sticks out like a sore thumb? Any specific episodes or movies you enjoy due to their contrasting look? Are there any off-model episodes that cause you to grind your teeth (I for one loathe the later Sabaody eps for this reason)? Sound off, below.