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  • The Will of Deez

    I debated with myself multiple times over whether or not to write this blog. On one hand, it feels like beating a dead horse. On the other, I think Dressrosa lacked a sense of closure that other story arcs managed to convey quite well. But the true impetus for me finally publishing this piece is a comment made on a (sort of) recent episode of the long-running One Piece Podcast. Link to the page below:

    At about fifty minutes in, the hosts begin their round table discussion of that week’s anime episode, which happens to be 702, entitled “A Celestial Dragon! Doffy’s Stormy Past”. As one might expect, the majority of the conversation revolves around the moral ground…

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  • The Will of Deez

    I noticed that the english VAs were added some time this week, but there are a few inconsistencies (which have been rectified). I just thought it courteous to provide users with the updated source for this information.


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  • The Will of Deez

    As of late, I find myself more and more interested in One Piece not only from a fan's perspective but as a critic's as well. So, as of this April I will be putting my English minor to work by posting infrequent blogs examining the nature of Eiichiro Oda's lifelong endeavor and how it's come to receive such spectacular acclaim. I admit this is a first for me, and I'm far more used to the back-and-forth dialogue created by chat. However, I feel that blogs better help me capture the nuances of the written word, so here we are. Some of the pieces I will be posting in the (hopefully) not so distant future include thematic comparisons with other shonen and seinen work, the literary techniques employed by mangaka and really writers of all spectru…

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  • The Will of Deez

    If I'm not mistaken, this is my inaugural blog. So yeah. Um... I'm not sure what to talk about. I guess I'll choose a safe topic and lead with the anime's quality. As I'm sure many of you are aware, quite a few users (or former users, rather) were very vocal in their criticisms of Toei's treatment regarding the show. Rarely though do I see an in-depth discussion chronicling where things began to get off track. It's common knowledge that Oda's style has changed over the years, like many fellow mangaka. But, if one examines the anime, they'll notice far more deviations from the source material in terms of style. My question to you then, dear reader, is what animation style you do you have an affinity or preference towards. The earlier stuff?…

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  • The Will of Deez

    With One Piece returning to Toonami this Saturday 5/18/13 at 1:00 am ET, FUNimation wanted to do something over the top to celebrate its return. So, this week, The FUNimation Show's Scott Porter, will be locked to watch every episode up to #207, where Toonami is starting off on Saturday. 

    Guests include: 

    Thursday 5/16 11am - Brina Palencia, Voice of Tony Tony Chopper 1pm - Stephanie Young, Voice of Nico Robin 3pm - Colleen Clinkenbeard, Voice of Monkey D. Luffy

    Friday 5/17 12pm - ScrewAttack ( 5pm - Chris Sabat, Voice of Zoro 6pm - Mike McFarland, ADR Director

    If you guys are fans of the dub, then enjoy!!

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