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  • The Law G14

    Chapter 678 Prediction: The Chaos...Begins!

    Page One


    Vergo: Hello? Mmhm…Yes….ok…


    Vergo: I’ll be taking my leave, Ceasar.

    Cesar: EH!?!

    Vergo: Yes, they delivered my pizza at my estate in Dressrosa.



    Page Two

    Vergo: Hm. That’s true. But I’m hungry.

    *Ceasar’s eyes roll back in a comedic fasion and drops to the ground*

    Vergo: I trust you will handle the situation appropriately, Ceasar. Anway, I’ll take Law’s heart and bring it to Joker when I get back to Dressrosa. He’ll probably be displeased that Law has betrayed us.

    Ceasar: AH!! I’ll destroy that scum, I’ll be able to do it by myself, no problem! Along with Monet’s help of course!

    Monet: Ufufufufu……

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  • The Law G14

    Chapter 677 Prediction: Counter-Strategy!

    Page One

    Bottom Text: What is Law’s plan?!

    Luffy: Traffy, what are we going to do?!

    Law: Hey! Cyborg, you don’t have a Devil Fruit, correct?

    Franky: Right!

    Law: Good, well you shouldn’t be weakened then…Alright, so unless it already fell, there should

    be a key to unlock these hand-cuffs in the corner of this cage behind you…

    Page Two

    Smoker: What?! It’s been here this whole time?

    Franky: SUUUUPPEEER! I found it!

    Law: Good, it’s been there since before we got captured. I instructed Monet a while back to put it in there in case of an emergency.

    Robin: If I recall correctly, isn’t this Monet working with the scientist?

    Page Three

    Law: That’s where Ceasar and Joker messed up. I’ll explain everything later, Cyborg ju…

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  • The Law G14

    One Piece Chapter 675 Prediction Title: Poison Performance

    Scene: Ceasar’s Laboratory

    Vergo: (Eating a burger) Finally…*chomp* *chomp*…Ceasar’s ready.

    Smoker: You really don’t care about any of your men…after spending all those years! Vergo: Hm…no.

    Luffy: Hey, Smokie, what’s going on?

    Smoker: Ceasar’s about to display his weapon on my men outside…your crew might get caught up in it too.

    Luffy: Wait! I won’t let him touch my nakama! Tell him to stop!

    Monet: Ufufufu…

    Scene: In the Background

    Chopper: Oh no..! Zoro, Sanji, Brook…Nami, Usopp, and the kids….and the samurai! They’re all outside! I hope they’re ok…

    Scene: Ceasar on Airship with the Kids

    Ceasar: Brokers…observe the bait on the ground who will be used to demonstrate this weapon!

    *Screen moves to…

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  • The Law G14

    Hey guys, I just started making One Piece chapter predictions and I thought I would share it here. Here's chapter 665, titled "Convergence":

    Scene: Strawhats’ Position

    Doube-Page Spread of all the Strawhats Luffy: Yosh! This island is fun!

    Ussopp: We need a plan of action! We need to take our enemies at full force!

    Zoro: I want sake.

    Sanji peers inside his (Nami’s) shirt and proceeds to have a nosebleed* Franky: Suuuuuuper Sad Story Gator-man!!

    Nami: You guys are pathetic…

    Robin: Imagine if poisonous gas spread though the island again…we’d all become paraplegic.

    Brook: Yohohohoho! I shall play to alleviate the sadness!

    Chopper: There may still be some kids locked up in the facility…we need to help them!

    Kinemon: SHUT UP!!

    Everyone turns Zoro: What do …

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