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Written with the permission of DP, so please don't sue/ban me/delete this.

Hello my little lovelies of this wiki. At the risk of sounding like a kissass, sap, or wimp, I'm just writing this blog because I want to thank you all for everything since I first joined here. You all got me through very hard times of my life. I could simply end the blog there, but there's more I want to talk about.

I first joined this wiki in February of 2011 under the username Weirdowithcoffee. However, it was not until August of 2011 until I actually became an active part of the community here at One Piece wiki. My very first friends here were Ace, Rici, LPK, Nada, and many others. Not only that, I've also met some of my best friends ever here, in and out of real life, such as Jade, X, Ryu, Calu, and the users mentioned above.

This is basically just a blog I made to thank everyone on this wiki for being so awesome, not only to me, but to everyone else as well. Me, being the only super-pessimist here (and arguably the only one at all...), I really appreciate all the kindness and generosity from you all. Like I said, you all got me through very difficult times in my life, and for that, I am extremely grateful.

I love all of you, but my most major thanks go to:

MDM Ryu Calu Jade Rici X DP LPK Ace PX Hungry SHB Besty ST (believe it or not) DSP Ayet Nada

...and many, many others. Believe me. Thanks for taking the time to read this blog, and once again, thank you all for everything. :)