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What did you think was the outright best One Piece moment, episode, chapter, or plot point? And if you have any, why so?

For me, it was the flashback in the Skypiea arc highlightning Noland's story. I found Noland and Calgara to be such realistic characters, ones who I could somehow feel myself relate to despite having no relation to them. The thing that makes this the saddest moment in One Piece for me (besides Luffy reacting to Ace's death) was just how Calgara and Noland promise they will meet again, Calgara ringing the golden bell to lead Noland on his way, but due to fate, they are separated and Noland is wrongfully executed for his "lies". This flashback was part of the reason Skypiea was my favorite arc, or at least one of them. It was just powerful, no questions asked.

Another of course was Whitebeard's last words, for obvious reasons.

What, in your opinion, was the best One Piece moment?